Price Merrett Consulting started as Philip Price Irrigation Design Services in 1980, it was primarily a flood irrigation design service; the company changed its name to Price Merrett Consulting Pty Ltd in 1997. Price Merrett Consulting has surveyed and designed on farm irrigation systems for at least 180,000 hectares of irrigated farmland in Victoria and South Australia and New South Wales since 1980.

Price Merrett Consulting is currently involved in the Goulburn-Murray Water Rural Water Connections Project, providing on-farm advice and design as part of the $2 billion project. The company has played a leading role in the development of the project; primarily in providing case studies and costings for both Stage One and Stage Two of the project.

Price Merrett Consulting
specialises in surface irrigation, additionally Price Merrett Consulting designs pressurised irrigation systems, on farm storage, pump stations, reuse systems and effluent treatment systems for both intensive and broad acre irrigation.

All Price Merrett Consulting projects have a strong customer and stakeholder focus; consultation is a core component to understanding the client needs and aspirations, providing direction to the planning and design teams. For local design projects, a one to one consultation process is most common, however on larger regional projects group consultation strategies based on current best practice techniques are utilised to achieve cost effective stakeholder involvement and engagement.

General Services

Price Merrett Consulting offers consulting services in the fields of:

  • Irrigation Management
  • Whole Farm Planning
  • Land Development
  • Soil Surveys and Land Use Capability Surveys
  • Topographic and Engineering Surveying
  • Cadastral Surveying - Land Subdivisions, Easements and Title Re-Establishment (Vic & NSW)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Investigating
  • Contract Management
  • Town Planning
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Science

Price Merrett Consulting's knowledge and experience can provide continuity of projects from the original surveying through to checking the completed works.

In addition to the 'in house' consultancy services offered, Price Merrett Consulting maintains close links with specialist consultants in areas such as; design, construction and agriculture, and are able to quickly put together a full consultancy team for even the most complex developments.