Price Merrett Consulting are the leading surveyors and consultants in the area of Whole Farm Planning.

Price Merrett Consulting
can assist you with farm design and planning, on farm efficiency programs, irrigation design and modernisation of infrastructure.

Price Merrett Consulting
are prepared and capable of conducting farm surveying of any capacity, from a small hobby farm to the largest broad acre property. Price Merrett Consulting have surveyed over 1000 farms in excess of 120,000 hectares and have the experience and capabilities to meet your properties surveying and design requirements.

The Whole Farm Planning process includes:

  • Field Survey - Topographic & Feature survey picking up all existing features within the property boundaries.
  • Existing Situation Plans - Plans produced from the survey above, printed on large format paper for discussion in the Preliminary Design.
  • Preliminary Design / Consultation - Plans produced for discussion purposes, sometimes multiple options are available, finalise design preferences and advise on technically sound options.
  • Final Design - Design Booklets and Final Plans produced in accordance with the Preliminary Design, Earthworks contractor ready.

Features / Benefits

  • Great Planning Tool
  • Cost saving
  • All permits handled by us
  • No unforeseen costs