Price Merrett was involved in the survey, design and set out for construction of the district's largest free-range poultry farm.

The farm consists of five 160 metre long by 16 metre wide sheds hosting 22,000 birds in each. It is predicted when at its peak, egg production will be in the vicinity of 120,000 organic eggs per day. The eggs will be collected and processed through a newly built egg processing facility in Kerang.

Existing Feature Survey

Price Merrett produced an existing features survey of the allotment and assisted with preliminary layouts in the early stages of development. This is stage 1 of a 2 stage development, the second stage will be a mirror image of the existing layout proposed for the northern half of the property

Design Layout

Plan of final layout, Long sections, several sections and quantities were produced for the project.


Price Merrett was engaged to produce detail design drawings for the project based on some preliminary design plans and much discussion with the project manager.

Setout for Construction

The layout was quite complex to set out and consisted of elevated shed pads and entry access roads, drainage assets and open drains. All drainage is captured and does not leave the property. Control Setout for the substantial electrical trenching and positioning at the sheds was also required, PMC was also able to produce very good location plans using Aerial photography our survey department provided

Concrete Slabs & Sheds

Prior to the concrete slab and strip footings being constructed the shed pads were elevated on average 600mm above natural surface. The concrete footings and slab are 165m long with a width of 16.5m, sheds are galvanised single span column and truss.

The sheds are totally Automated and require very little human interaction apart from egg collection. Cooling, watering systems and door opening and closing for release and roosting of birds is all automatic.

More to come................ on the recent status of construction and egg processing facility.

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