Topographical & Bathymetric Surveys

Price Merrett Consulting have a vast range of experience in Topographical and Feature Surveys with many projects around the North Western region of Victoria.

Some of Price Merrett Consulting's
recent projects include the Kerang Levee, Cohuna Golf Course, Swan Hill Riverside Park and the Koondrook Wharf Precinct.

Price Merrett Consulting
offer the ability to manage your project from start to finish with experienced in-house surveyors, engineers and planning consultants.

Price Merrett Consulting's
goal when completing all our Topographical and Feature Survey work is to represent exactly what is in the field on a drafted plan or in a GIS data format.

Price Merrett Consulting
pay's particular attention to the requirements of the client, whilst ensuring they best represent the features and contours of the land for the designated area.

Price Merrett Consulting
can also help with other Topographical Surveying services including;

  • Site Feature Surveys
  • Volume Surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Mapping and aerial photography
  • Satellite Imagery and data collection

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