Price Merrett Consulting have designed and built many large irrigation water storage dams, mainly in northern Victoria but also into New South Wales and Western Australia. These generally involve Price Merrett Consulting undertaking soil analysis, reports, consultation with authorities, design and construction supervision.

We have experience in designing dams ranging from 100mL through to 900mL with the ability to take on any size project you require.

On farm storage of large volumes of water has become an increasingly important water management tool for irrigators. Due to the value of water stored, and the resulting hazards of failure, the importance of correct construction and maintenance of these storages cannot be over emphasized. Deciding on a storage size and choosing its site must start at the whole farm planning stage. Ideally, a Business Management Plan for the property, and the Irrigation and Drainage Management Plan will indicate the type of storage required, and how it is used.

Price Merrett Consulting has many years experience preparing storage for a wide range of properties. They can help farmers make smarter use of water and improve how soils and crops are irrigated.

Services provided by Price Merrett Consulting:

  • Site Analysis
  • Soil Testing
  • Topographic & Feature Survey
  • Plans & Specifications
  • Schedule of Quantities
  • Planning Permits & Certifications
  • Contract Documents & Administration
  • Construction Supervision